BPA-free Water Drinkware

We all know that bad health is very stressful and sure source of unhappiness in our lives. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to ways by which we can reduce damage to our health.  Plastic water bottles of certain kind pose risk such as the problem of leaching BPA (known to be harmful to health) into water. Instead, get our BPA Free Water Bottles at Nexovo Singapore.  We have a wide range of beautiful, trendy and stylish good for health BPA free water bottles only at Nexovo.

Our BPA free water bottles and tumblers include double wall tumblers and single wall tumblers, screw lid for easy drinking and leak proof design. Select your tumbler from our variety of coloured tumblers, designs and prints.

At Nexovo we also have straw tumblers that make drinking from the glass super easy and fun. Our straw tumblers are light, made of double wall and are available in crystal clear noble design.

Our uncoated wavy tumblers will look chic and cool in your hands. These come in silver and metallic brown colours for the fashionable you. Add some colour with our coated Diamonte Tumblers that come with double wall. Buy our Camera Lens Mug to make a funky style statement.

All BPA free water bottles at Nexovo are top quality and durable tumblers. Always go for BPA free water bottles to save yourself from the troubles of BPA found in common plastic bottles.  Water is one of the most essential element of life and we should make drinking water healthy again with BPA free water bottles.