Water Bottles for Sports

Everyone these days are into fitness regime. You can either be a runner, swimmer, sports player, cyclists, hiker or a gym person but everyone's hydration needs remains the same. In order for you to carry on your favourite sport successfully, you need enough water intake. Get your favourite sports water bottle at Nexovo. We keep design, utility and quality as our major benchmarks for all our products.  You will easily find your desired sports hydration water bottle here with our wide range of trendy sports water bottles.

Nexovo's sports water bottles are resilient and are built for sporty persons. We truly understand that you would be taking your sports water bottle to the gym, to the park, to the stadium, to the mountain track and to all the rugged terrains where your hearts takes you. That is why we only have the best water bottles at Nexovo.

Nexovo’s clear and coloured sports water bottles have automatic seal and an open lid controlled by a lock system. Buy our light weight cycling sports bottles that are simple and elegant to carry. Nexovo's Infuser bottles with Twist lid are really cool sports bottles for infusing fruits and vegetables flavours into the water.  Buying flavoured water can be expensive and our Infuser Bottles are one of the best ways to make water tastier than usual.  As a result you will drink more water than you usually manage to and stay healthier day by day.

Nexovo’s top innovative iWater and iBottle makes it possible for you to carry your iPhone and other mobile devices inside your water bottle itself. You can use the water bottle to charge your iPhone, use it for video streaming, and speaker. It is an excellent piece of innovation and a must have for all sports enthusiast.